Sunday, December 23, 2012

Damien-isms Past and Present

12/22/12 - Damien: "Um, mom? I want my birthday to be all about you. Like, your face on the balloons."
                 Me: "What? Why?"
                 Damien: "Because I love you!"

12/22/12 - Damien: "What the Christmas eve is going on here?!?!"
11/25/12 - Damien: "Dad, I know your middle name. It's Thomas."
                 Nate: "Nope, that's Peter's middle name."
                 Damien: "You have the same middle name as Peter??"
                 Nate: "No Damien, my middle name is Calvin."
                 Damien: "What?! (bursts into a fit of laughter) That's a HILARIOUS name! Hey Mom, Dad has a SILLY middle name hahahahaha."

11/23/12 - Damien: "I'm a stunk!"
                 Julia: "What's a stunk?"
                 Damien: "A stunk is an animal that stinks from his tail."
                 Julia: "Eww"

11/10/12 - Me: "Oh look! It's snowing!"
                 Damien: "Whaaa?? MY FAVORITE DREAM CAME TRUE!!!!!!"

11/7/12 - Damien, desperate to wear the clothes he wore yesterday for a second day, starts to put his new clothes over his old clothes. I tell him to take the dirty clothes off and put the new ones on. His response?
                Damien: "Come on, Mom. Isn't wearing two shirts cool?"
                Me: "No, change your clothes."
                Damien: "Well, it sounds cool to ME."

11/5/12 - Me: "Hey Damien, what do you like to dream about?"
                Damien: "Um, I like to dream about the biggest muffin ever. But, I need to see it first. If I see it, it will unlock the dream."
                Me: "Good talk."

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