Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wenatchee Price Book

One of the most important jobs of a mother is usually the meal planning / grocery shopping. Over the last year or so, I've picked up some tricks and tips in terms of couponing and searching for the best values. But one thing I've neglected to do is develop a standard price book. If I need something and it's not advertised on sale, where do I go to get it? I don't really have a "regular" store I go to, unless you count Safeway because it's close to my house. But I don't like going to Safeway because they don't often have the lowest regular prices. 

My usual method of grocery shopping is to map out the best sales at about 5 different stores and then go to 1 or 2 a day that week. I decided I needed a price book with local prices so I could check where I want to pick up x item if it's not on sale, but also to find out if the sale price on x is actually the best deal. 

So I've created a google document that I want to share, a Price Book. It's very sparse right now, but I'll be adding to it as often as I can with all my shopping trips. If you're local and you want to submit some prices that you're aware of from your shopping trips to help flesh out the Price Book, send me an email at phoebe81@gmail.com. Also, if you have an item you'd like a "price check" on to be added to the Price Book, send an email to the same place. 

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