Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Where I grew up, we didn't even start thinking about spring until late April, early May. No one planted their gardens until May because there was still the chance of frost. Winters lasted 7-8 months of the year.

Yeah, I don't miss that very much. Wenatchee is amazing. The snow falls in December and it's gone by February. The sun shines and it feels like spring at Valentine's Day, not Mother's Day. A "cold" snap in Wenatchee is 25 degrees (that's -4 for my fellow Canadians.)

Don't get me wrong here. I don't love winter. I can't wait till it's gone, but I can live with a few short months of cold. Wenatchee has another downside, those dreaded months I like to call summer. Here is where Edmonton has a leg up. While Edmonton had gorgeous, mild summers with the occasional wild summer thunderstorm, Wenatchee has a dry, insanely hot summer. I'm talking 113 degrees hot (again, for my fellow Canadians, that's FORTY FIVE DEGREES. I couldn't even type the numbers. It wasn't enough emphasis for the insanity of the heat.) Luckily this only lasts for about two months. So if you do the math, that's about 5 months of annoying weather, which also means 7 months of glorious weather!

Spring and fall are the best seasons in Wenatchee. Things are getting green, or red and yellow, the breeze is fresh and comfortable, the sun shines brightly. Yeah, I could live like that forever. Those days are coming, my friends! It's just around the corner! SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!

There's still some snow up on the mountain tops, but there's none down here in town. It's all gone. It hasn't dipped below freezing in a while and I keep having to force my kids to wear coats because they're convinced that it's warm enough to go out in shorts and t-shirt. And guess what else? Easter is NEXT month.  Yup. March. Easter. Spring. It's coming. Get ready for it. We're about to enter heaven on earth.

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