Monday, February 3, 2014

52 Lists - Week 6: List The Ways In Which You Can Love Others

I'm sad that I missed the weekend in terms of blog posts. I don't usually do much anyway, but I couldn't even do that much this weekend. It was just jam packed full of activities. Between birthdays and game nights, we pretty much went non stop from Friday night to Sunday night. It was a crazy fun weekend, but it's nice to get a breather.

And now it's Monday, and time for another list! With Valentine's Day coming up, the topic is certainly appropriate. Valentine's Day is traditionally a romantic holiday, but I really like to expand the theme of love to encompass all types. It's a really good time to emphasize to the kids not only how much we love them, but how we can show love to others.

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So what are some of the ways I like to show love to others?

Tell them! Have I mentioned how much I love my husband? And my kids? And my awesome sister? What about my amazing friends?! I think we could all stand to express our love and appreciation with words a little more.

Gifts. I'm a big fan of gifts. Not because I like "stuff," but because to me it represents the fact that someone took a moment out of their day, with me in mind, to find something they thought I would appreciate and enjoy. I like knowing I was on someone's mind, and I usually feel that if I like something, someone else probably does too.

Notes and cards. Talk about the basics, right? But I think taking a moment to write something down is special. There's just something lovely in the written word, especially when those words express love and appreciation. They can be saved and cherished, reread when someone is feeling down.

Acts of service. What better way to express love than to go out of your way to do something for someone else? When words don't say enough, actions speak volumes. 

Cook something. Or bake. Or de-frost... I think it feels pretty good when someone makes a point to know what I like and prepare it for me. Doesn't that combine a lot of things into one amazing act of love? Thoughtfulness, acts of service, gifts... 

Spend time with someone. Hang out with them. I'd like nothing more than to make people feel wanted and appreciated. I want them to know their presence and company is valuable.

Hug someone. I love hugs. I don't get enough hugs (just sayin'). I love holding my kids. I love feeling my husbands arms around me. Of course, not everyone is as touchy-feely as me, but I think most people appreciate a kind touch or gesture.

Speak well of someone. Sometimes it's easier to show love to someone when they're right there, but harder when they're not around. I think it shows great love and respect if you can speak well of someone when they're not around.

I'm sure there are many other, more specific ways to show love, but I think these are the basics. No matter how you do it, the most important thing is to show love to someone in some fashion. Let people know they matter. 

Have I mentioned I love you? Yes, YOU! It means so much to me that you took a moment out of your day to read these words. Thank you  =)

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