Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday is for Weight-Loss

Have I mentioned I've been going to the gym at 6 am? Because I have. I have mixed feelings about it. First of all, I know enough about myself to know that the earlier it is in the day, the more likely I'll actually go to the gym. As the day drags on, I'm able to come up with more and more excuses not to go. I'm much better off just getting up and going, then it's done! Secondly, I found an awesome gym buddy. I had been going on my own, but it sucked. It's so much more fun to go with someone, not only for accountability, but even just to have someone to talk to. Music is good and all, but friends are better!

I feel really good about going and I feel like this is a routine we can stick to (though we are probably switching to evenings on Wed/Thurs because seriously, 5 am is ridiculously early). The only bad thing is, duh, it's early. Which isn't awful, but the thing I dislike the most about it is that my husband is a complete night owl. He stays up till 2-3 am most nights. Now, I usually went to bed around 11-12, so it's not like I'm missing a ton of time with him, but we still spent a few hours at night watching shows most nights. Now that I have to go to bed so early, we've lost a bit of together time. It's sad, but I think it's an ok trade-off. We still have a lot of time together and by investing this time into getting healthy, I'm helping to ensure we have a lot more time together down the road.

Since this is the last Wednesday before February begins, I want to take this time to tell you about next months challenge. This isn't my monthly habit. I'll be sharing about that later. This is a workout challenge that has been floating around the Internet for a while now.

Source: The Berry

Fab Ab February. Better start getting ready now for swimsuit season, right?! Seriously though, who doesn't want fab abs? So starting on Saturday, I'll be fabbing up my abs. Sounds cool right? Not dorky at all? Right.

Do it with me! I'll be super impressed if you can do it because I'm not sure I can (100 sit ups by the end of the month? Eek!)

Have a healthy Wednesday =)

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